Forex Trading

I want to help you in Forex trading.

I want to share my way of trading forex with you. This is really a great way to make an account grow slow and steady. At least the way I do it. Now I like to tell others how to trade like I do and you don’t even have to pay me at all. I will just share my strategies and help you on your way. No hidden fees.

I have seen so many pages before where I did sign up and then you need to buy this or that and I always feel fooled. I don’t like that. I am just helping out here. And best of all. The way I trade is working even when I sleep. So it is just great.

The only thing you need to make this work for you is to open a Forex account with a good broker and then read my instructions on how I do my trading. I will send you an e-mail with all the info on how I trade. Just like I have helped my family and friends in trading.

growing account

The only thing you need to do is to start an account with a broker to make your trades. And to receive my strategies you need to sign up with the broker I recommend, since they will give me a small bonus when sending people to them. And this is also the broker I am using for my trading, since they are great.

The minimum account to start trading with is $200 or €200 (depending on what currency you like to trade). But I actually start with €300 or €500 on my accounts to have more money to trade with when the market is moving in the wrong direction until it turns the way I want it to. But like I always say, don’t risk more money than you can afford to loose, since there is no safe way in trading. One day there might be some bad trades and the next day there could be some great ones. But so far almost every trade I have made are winning.

Register with my recommended broker CLICK HERE

Fill in your name and e-mail on their web site and choose a real Individual Account. Then you need to add your address and so on.

At the bottom of the page you will see the following:
“Were you referred by an Introducing Broker?”

This is where you should click YES (if you want my free advices in trading).
You need to write Partner ID: 6416 (which is my referring id on their page).
They will send me an e-mail telling me that you have signed up with them.

I am using their True ECN MT4 account with 1:500 leverage which is what I recommend. Actually I think this is the standard setting when you sign up with them.

After you have registered you need to send them proof of who you are. This is all about taxes and legal stuff. You need to send them a photo or scanned id of yourself. A bill that shows your address and finally a photo of the credit card you want to use when starting up your account and when you want to withdraw your money. All this info is also on their web site when you sign up.

Then you should deposit some money to trade with and then send me an e-mail from the Contact Me menu here on my page. Then I will help you step-by-step to trade the way I do. And you don’t pay me anything at all for my help.

If you want to have trading robots running your trades, then you need a computer running day and night monday to friday to open and close your trades. I use a VPS service where I can login to my account and manage my trades and see my robots trade. If you want to follow experienced traders you also need to be online day and night, so I really think people should use a VPS for trading. But if you have a PC than can be up and running day and night that could work as well.

I am using the following for my trades, but there are cheaper ones if you prefer that. Just let me know if you want other examples. But this is the one I use now and it is working very fine and also very quick, making trades <1ms.
VPS Service in NYC
Look under the menu TRADERS and then Virtual Trader Plans. They have different plans starting from around $35/month. It works really great.

But if you like a little slower VPS I can recommend this:
Cheap Forex VPS
They have packages starting as low as around $4/month if you sign up for a year. But you can always try them for 3 months if you like. But a different price then of course.

But best of all. Trading forex is fun. I really enjoy it.

Staffan, Sweden

There is also a Facebook Page if you want to read updates on my trading.

What others said:
Thank you Staffan. My account have been growing 10% every week since I started following your advice 3 weeks ago. It’s really simple. Now both me and my wife are trading Forex the way you do. Thanx a lot.
I didn’t know it was this simple to earn extra money. Now I do.
Thank you for your help. This was really easy and it is working great for me. You are also very kind helping someone like me who didn’t know anything about trading (translated from Swedish).
This is fun. Just like you said. I follow the trades on my iPhone and it makes me so happy when I see the account grow a little almost every day.