Here are some links to trading systems that I like and use right now.


This website gives you alerts when there is a good trade coming up. You can set it to which pairs to inform you about and what time frames.

I prefer setting it to higher time frames (H1, H4, Daily, Weekly and Monthly). Then I have it running on my VPS in a separate browser window and sending me an e-mail when it’s time to trade. It’s really cheap (only $3 a week to get these alerts, but you pay for 3 months and then the payments will be billed every 3 months as long as you want them to keep on doing what they do). I use PayPal for this and if you want to unsubscribe you do this from your own PayPal account. Just like any other subscription through PayPal.

This is a great way to trade manually. The scanner is checking a lot of pairs and time frames and tells you when things look right. Usually it works, but sometimes not of course. But so far it’s been around 8 out of 10 winners, which is really awesome.

The scanner can also look for common trading patterns (like triangle, flag, aso) and inform you when a pattern is formed and tell you when the currency pair is moving outside the pattern in a typical direction. I only use that one with the higher time frames. But I prefer the Trend follow system that they have, which is working really great.

So you get both trend alerts and pattern alerts and you can use the settings to select if you want them as alerts in the browser or sent as an e-mail. You can also set which timeframes to use and which currency pairs you don’t want to trade (or ones that your broker don’t support). This is really great and makes it easy to trade manually. Just wait for an alert or e-mail and make the trade.

An e-mail can look like this:
Uptrend, AUDNZD, H1, Trend Drawdown: 17.1% (28 pips)
With this information you can see that the AUDNZD is now in an uptrend, so you should make a BUY. And you can set the stop loss a little further back than the max drawdown, because this is what the system calculate to be the biggest “wave” that this pair is moving in the other direction. This way you can make enough space for the currency to bounce a little before continuing in the right direction. So I would put the stop loss 30 pips below the drawdown amount shown and then I set a trailing stop following behind until it reach a nice profit. Probably the same trailing stop would be fine. Really easy and explained great on the their website. There is a short video on their site explaining this a little more. And like always I will help my traders if they want my help.

Click the banner below to read more on their site. Or download a free e-book here: ForexTrendy ebook


Don, who came up with these robots is very helpful. He is sharing a special system that he calls the Roulette Trader. When something is going a little wrong or needs to be adjusted, he sends an e-mail with some great info on who to make the trades work better. He is really helping out.

He have a system that is working in cycles to make profit after a certain amount of trades. It is not the old Martingale system, which can make your account crash if it doesn’t move correct. The Roulette calculations that Don came up with seems a little special and use his special formula. I run it on a couple of tabs on one account with the setup he told me to use on GPY/JPY. They all use a different cycle period and I run it on two M15 timeframes, one on M30 and one on H1. Of course I help the traders following me to set it up as well if you want me to. This is a great trading system so far.

Here is a link to his system (I bought the whole pack which included a bonus robot, but right now I’m only running the GPY/JPY systems, not sure if they were sold as one separate system or treated as different robots, because you need all of them to make it work best). Roulette Trader


This robot was great, but I just got info from one trader that their account crashed, so I guess that EA wasn’t as good as they promised. So I want to warn you about this EA.


This is a robot I bought a long time ago but forgot to add it to my new VPS, but now it’s up and running and it’s doing a nice job. There is a link to a live account on their web site where you can see how good it is. I have changed some of the default settings to make it work better. Since I help people trading with me I can help you with these settings, just let me know if you need help. CHECK IT OUT HERE


This is an EA at a very, very low price when you see how much money it can make for you. Just $99 to buy it and let it trade for you. They also have a real account showing exactly what it’s been doing on their live account so you can see how it perform for real.
Like most EA’s it is best to have it running on at least $500 account. As you can see on their live account it usually generates twice that within a month. So after around 2 weeks you probably already have the money back that you paid for the Robot. That’s what I like. And they also give you a 30 days money back guarantee.


This is a Scalper working during the Asia Session when the market is calm. It works on the M15 timeframe and best on EUR/USD and GBP/USD.b It’s making some nice trades and is definitely worth a try. There is also a 30 days money back guarantee on this one, but the price for this one will probably pay back after a short time. There is also a live account on myfxbook where you can see the real trades of this one And if you use the Coupon Code: CNNY you will get it at a much better price. BUY IT HERE