Here is a quick instruction on how to add my Trading Robot to your Meta Trade 4 plattform. If you have any problems installing it, just send me an e-mail and I will try to help.

There is also a video showing you how to install the robots and setfiles.

First you need to download the file from my web site and put inside a folder on your pc. Inside Meta Trader 4 (which is the trading software I hope you already have downloaded for free from the broker). Within Meta Trader 4 you will find several folders.
Inside a folder called MQL4 you will then see one that is called Experts. Put the robot file in that folder and start up Meta Trader 4. If you already had Meta Trader up and running you need to refresh the window (more info below).

In Meta Trader 4 (also known as MT4) make sure that you can se the Navigator on the left. Otherwise you can reveal it from the VIEW menu and choose Navigator.
It should look something like the menu below.

Click the small + button next to Expert Advisor to open up the tree menu showing all your installed Expert Advisors (Trading Robots). If you already had MT4 up and running when adding the new robot you should right click in the Expert Advisor area and choose refresh from the menu.

Now you should see the Trading Robot you added in that list. Now you should open a chart for your trading. Go to FILE and open a New Chart. Then pick the currency pair you want to trade (e.g. EUR/USD).

A new chart will open telling you the currency pair and Timeframe in the upper left corner. If the robot you added is meant to run on a different time frame than the one showing, then click the time frame buttons in the menu above the chart (M1, M5, M15 M30, H1, H4, and so on). These buttons represents 1 minute, 5 minute, 15 minute and so on up to monthly.

So pick the right time frame and then drag and drop the Robot from the Expert Advisor list on the chart. You can also right click on the name and chose to add it to the chart.

Now there will pop up a window with three tabs. The first one looks like the one below, showing an image and some copyright and other info about the robot.

Now you should click the Common tab to see the next view.

In this window you need to make sure that the Allow live trading is checked. This needs to be checked even if you are running it on a demo account.

Now click the third tab called Inputs.

This is the place where you can change settings for the robot. When opening this for the first time there will be default settings and the ones I like.

If you are running the robot on a live account you need to insert your unique password key that will be sent to you after you bought the robot (or if you connected to my recommended broker, you will get this for free of course). But if you only want to test this on a demo account you can leave this field blank. It will work on demo anyway.

Insert all those numbers and letters (a lot of secret codes in that long line). And if you want to run the robot as it is you can click ok after that. If you want to change some of the settings, then please do. You can change the risk to 1 if you want to try with a small risk to start with. But moving up towards 10 isn’t usually working at all. It will just make your trades too large and is too risky.

After clicking ok you should also make sure that the AUTO TRADING button in the menu above the charts is clicked. Just like the image below.

If everything is up and running you should see a very small smiling face in the top right corner of you chart. So make sure that like one is smiling. Then you just need to wait for the robot to start working. It will wait for the currency to move in a certain way before the robot can see a trade. Sometimes it’s making several trades during a day. Some robots make a trade once a week. They all work different.

If you have any problems installing this, just send me an e-mail.

You can also try the robot in the built in Strategy Tester to see how different settings work loading history files to see what it would have done the last month or year or whatever you like. Using the Strategy Tester is really great and you can probably Google stuff about it or watch on YouTube. One day I will also make a section about using that part. Maybe some of you want to learn about that as well… and I’m here to help.

Happy Trading

Staffan Öfwerman
Stockholm, Sweden