I have made my own Forex Robots (Expert Advisors) for some time. They can open and close trades for you when you’re not in front of the computer. There are a lot of different strategies checking the market and when to make a trade. My favorite robot is this one, which took some time to optimize all settings to perform as good as possible.This one is for the MetaTrader 4 which can be downloaded for free from almost any broker.

This robot places a trade when it gets an indication from the history in the market using an indicator called Stochastic. It will check this indicator automatically from different timeframes to read how the market have moved. It is also checking other parameters before it decide when to take the right trade.

The robot takes a trade and if it moves in the right direction it might add another one to build more profit and then another one and another one until it think the market had enough and might turn, then it will close all trades. But if the first trade is going in the wrong direction it will try to trade again in the same direction, waiting for the market to turn. But if it can’t do this, it will instead place a new trade (a little larger) in the opposite direction (hedging) until it can close the bag and leave the trade with a profit.

The default settings are tested on the EUR/USD on the H1 timeframe. Download a free copy and test it on a demo account and see for yourself how great it is.

If I will find other currency pairs or timeframes and settings that seems to work fine, everyone who buy this robot will get those setfiles for free. Just like all my robots I will release here.

Now I am selling this robot to anyone who wants to run it on their own account. You can change the settings of the robot and try to find something that suits you or the currency pair you want to trade. But the default settings works fine on the EUR/USD on H1 charts.

NEW VERSION ADDED Nov 29, 2017 with new default settings. There are also setfiles available to download to use the robot on other pairs and timeframes.

ON 1 LIVE ACCOUNT FOR €199 (Ordinary price €299)

Just download the robot form the link below and when you attach it to a chart on a live account you will get the instructions on the screen on how to proceed buying the robot.

But you can download the robot and run it on a demo account for free, but if you are going to run it on a live account, you need a unique password that I will generate for you, based on your Account name and Account number. This info will be shown when you insert the robot to any live account and the details that you need to e-mail me and then I will send you a link for the payment and then your unique password so you can use the robot for ever. This account number can not be changed later!

30 day money back guarantee


If you, 30 days after of your purchase of this trading robot, aren’t satisfied with the result, you don’t have to worry because I’ll be happy to refund you. Just let me know when you have tried this for up to 30 days and I will return your money.


Yes, that’s right! The traders using my link to open an account can use this trading robot for free. If you use the link to my recommended broker I will let you run this Trading Robot for free. No hidden fees. Just free. If you already signed up with them from my link, just let me know. Then you just need to send me your Account Name and that Account number and I will give you your unique password key to use this as long as you like. But you should always try it on a demo account or running it in the strategy tester in Meta Trader 4 before you run it on a live account. And then you can give me your Account Details and I will send you the generated password for free.

And for those of you who haven’t signed up with this broker, just follow the links on the main page from the menu above and you will get my robot for free as well.
I suggest you have at least €500 on your account to make this robot work. And use the strategy tester or a demo account to test it before running it live.

Press the DOWNLOAD button to download the Up Or Down Forex Robot to test it’s performance on a demo account.


Press DOWNLOAD to get my setfiles for this trading robot which you can use on other currency pairs and other timeframes (updated Feb 15, 2018).


Press the PAY WITH CARD button if you want to use the Up Or Down Robot on a Live Account (only €199 now).
All Payments are made via Stripe secure payments. If you want to pay with another option, just contact me and I will help you.

If you don’t know how to add a robot to your Meta Trader 4 platform, please read my quick installation step by step guide here: INSTALLING MY ROBOT

Below you can see the charts for my quick backtesting (with dukascopy tick data for more exact reports of 99,90%) between Jan 1st 2017 until the release date of the latest version Dec 5th 2017 on a €500 account with default settings on EUR/USD H1. (You can click on the images to open up a larger view).


And below are the graph and report images of the Strategy Test between Jan 1st, 2017 until Dec 31st, 2017 with 99,90% accuracy tick data. This setfile is for at least $1000 dollar accounts on EURUSD H1.



Remember to never trade with money you can’t afford to lose. There is always a risk in trading. But a robot like this can help you make the trades when you don’t have the time to sit and watch the computer all day and night to wait for the perfect trade.

This robot (or Expert Advisor as it’s usually called) should be running day and night on a computer and if you don’t have a computer available you can always rent a space from a VPS service. Check details on the main page with links to recommended VPS companies. One of them only charge a couple of dollars a month with MetaTrader 4 installed and ready to trade.

Commodity Futures Trading Commission Futures and Options trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures and options markets. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. This is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell futures, stocks or options on the same. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this web site. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.