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More info about Forex Trading

It’s all about Forex Trading in a way that I really like to trade. Just because it makes my account grow so much more than the stock market and what the savings account on the bank ever will give me. I have tried so many different things and spent money on bad robots and trading solutions until I found a great way to trade and you don’t even have to pay me for this.

The way I trade is working even when I sleep. So it is just great. I help the traders here to trade the way they like. I have different strategies so I think I can help out with one that works for most people. Both if you want to trade manually or with a robot doing all the work for you.

I started a new small account with $500 in early January with this and that account has now almost doubled in just 6 weeks. Then I had some losses and that is ok. But most weeks are winning and slowly growing, which is what I like. Now I have 10 accounts running different strategies.

When you trade Forex you will trade with Currency Pairs. You can buy or sell a currency and when you are satisfied with the amount the currency have moved you will end the trade and you get the money you have earned.

Let’s say that everything is telling you that the Euro against the US Dollar will be worth a lot more in a while, maybe there is an uptrend going on. So you buy the Euro. Let’s say you buy €1000. And the market is going down for a couple of hours and then it moves back up and up and up. Finally you think it moved enough and you sell back the Euro. You will the earn the difference of what it was worth when you bought it and what is worth now. So, if the market moved €100 in your direction and you close the deal, you will earn the money and give the €1000 back to the broker. Well, they will remove a tiny little amount for letting you borrow their money for the trade.

But many of my strategies and ways I trade are soooo easy that you don’t have to know anything about where the market is going and when to enter or when to leave. It will work for you anyway. Just like it’s working for me every monday to friday when the market is open. And it is making money for me almost everyday. Actually I didn’t have one single day where I lost money in the first 2 months. Not one day. But of course you can’t win all the time. So there will probably be some good days and some bad days. And what happened before might not happen again, so you actually don’t know. Just like trading the stock market or whatever you invest in. But I guess my way of trading is pretty good. And once again… you don’t have to pay me for this. I will just help you and tell you how I do it. Most people following me and letting me help them (if they want my help of course) are really doing making profit. And some people are taking too many risks, but it’s all up to you. I have different strategies and probably one that you will like.

I don’t want to write all my ideas here to each and everyone. So only the ones who sign up with the broker I recommend will get my help. And this is because they give me a small bonus referring customers and then I will help these new customer as a thank you. So, it’s a win win for you and me. And as an extra bonus you can also use my own Forex Robots that I sell on this page, but for free. Yes, other people pay for my robots, but my traders can use them for free. I will upload new robots when I am satisfied with their results.

So sign up today. I have some great ideas on how to manage the money you make (if you want to know this of course). And it is probably a really great way to earn some extra money. Especially if the market is going the right way like it’s been doing for me.

To register with my recommended broker CLICK HERE or go to the first page again and read the step-by-step guide how to sign up.

And if you want more info about trading, just send me an e-mail from the menu above. In English or Swedish. I will help you and try to explain so you understand.

Staffan Öfwerman, Sweden