Would you like to trade full time but don’t have the time to do it?
Now I offer you my Automatic Trading System Service.

You can do whatever you like to do everyday and let my computer do the hard work. When my system take a trade in my account, the Automatic Trading System Service will send the information to the subscribers platform and set all parameters automatically. And if I adjust something or close a trade, then the system will update this automatically as well. What I do in my account will be mirrored to your trading account.

All you have to do is installing a Robot Software for MetaTrader 4 (that I will send you for free when signing up). Then you can decide if you want to trade a fixed price or one that the system calculates automatically based on your account balance. I am using the broker I suggest on my website and with a 1:500 leverage.

You will only pay €20 a month for this Automatic Trading System Service.
People who signed up with my broker will pay nothing.

You can try it for free for 7 days to see if you like it. And I recommend using it on a demo account first, so you can see if you like the way it trades. If the robot haven’t made at least your monthly fee in profit, you will be refunded that money. So, if you are a regular subscriber and the copy robot isn’t giving you at least €20 in profit, you will get your subscription payment  back for that month. And if the robot for some reason would make a huge loss one month, then you will get your €20 fee back (but of course not the loss in your account). 99% of the trades are made with robots and there are usually several trades every week.

First, let me explain how it works. Let’s take an example:

I am in front of my trading computer and my trading robot spot a good forex trade opportunity. My account size is $1000 and I place a trade with one mini lot (0.10) and my robot set the Stop Loss and Take Profit and trigger the order. Within a second this trade is sent out to the subscribers receiving system. And the trade is sent to their broker to make the trade.

John in Australia have a small account ($600) and he have the system settings multiplying my trades with 0.5%. So the signal he is receiving from me will calculate his lot size based on his settings. So his account will make a trade that is 50% of my trade (since he have a setting of 0.5%. But the Stop Loss and Take Profit are the same. The system is making these things automatically.

Sara in England have almost the same account as me ($800), but she used the setting with a 1.0% multiply. So when my signal trigger her computer, it will make the same trade as I did.

Heinz in Germany have a nice account (€2.000) and he have changed the setting to 2.0% multiply. Since Heinz have an account which is twice my size he think it will be ok. And if my trade ends in profit, he will make twice as much money as I did in the same trade, since he is using the setting to double my trades. But he is also taking a larger risk of course. But he can always change his settings on his computer if he like one day.

If I, for some reason, think that the market will continue in the right direction, I might move the Take Profit level so it can move a little further before closing the trade. And I can also move the Stop Loss so it will be above the breakeven level. And as soon as I move these levels, the system will send out a signal to all subscribers and change the settings within seconds. All my modifications will be adjusted on the subscribers account as long as they are connected to the internet. So you need to have a computer running day and night and it should always be connected to the internet to be able to copy all things my robots do.

And every trade I take is on my own private account with my own real money. So if I lose money, you will lose money. And if I make money, then you will also make money. So, what I do on my copy account will be copied to your account as long as you run the software and subscribe to my system. So we are in the same boat. And of course this also involves a risk like trading does. I can’t control the market and have no idea what it will be doing. So never risk more money than you can afford to loose.
But I prefer to have at least 600 in my account to trade this.

Main features of my Auto Trading System Service:

  • Fast signals execution with Stop Loss, Take Profit
  • Works with any MT4 broker (check my start page for the one I prefer)
  • Adjusting and Monitoring in real time
  • Free technical support

It’s important to run this on a VPS or a computer that is always online, since my system need to send information when it’s opening or closing or even modifying a trade. This might even happen in the middle of the night (depending on where you live). So, you should check out my info on the first page (if you haven’t got a VPS service to use or a computer at home that can run day and night from home).


When you subscribe to my Trading System I will send you all the details how to install the robot and how you can change the settings so it works for you. So, sign up today and try it for free for 7 days. And if you don’t like the result, then you can unsubscribe easily from PayPal.
Run it on a demo account for a couple of days and then just let me know when you want to switch to a live account and I can change the account number that will be receiving the trades. It’s really easy. I recommend an account with 1:500 leverage, but you can always change the settings that suits your account or type of trading.

All I need is your trading account number and your e-mail address.

SYSTEM COPY – Automatic Copy of my trades
for only €20/month or free for my traders.

The robot is limited for a certain amount of users, so make sure you join me now if you want me to trade for you. Click the subscribe button below and it will take you to PayPal secure payment where you will set up an account for your subscription (if you haven’t got PayPal already). And when I have added you to the system you will receive an e-mail with the robot and instructions how to add it to your MetaTrader 4 trading platform.
If you want to unsubscribe you only need to do it with PayPal. Just log in and unsubscribe before a new subscription period is starting. You can unsubscribe whenever you like.

COPY SYSTEM for regular users (€20/month)

COPY SYSTEM for users using my referral link and broker (€0/month)


Never trade with money you can’t afford to loose. I do not guarantee that the trade copy system will work. You never know what the market will look like tomorrow. What happened in the past is no guarantee will happen next. So make sure you don’t risk any money you can’t afford to loose. But hopefully it will work out and you should always withdraw some of your earnings and never be too greedy.

Terms & Conditions
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